About Us

Our Story


Billiam Jeans began in 2009 with a sewing machine from goodwill and youtube.

I began tailoring different garments one summer because nothing would fit quite right and eventually it lead to producing a pair of jeans from scratch.

Within a few months of this first pair, we had a waiting list of around 400 people and the local newspaper was asking for an interview.

It was quite obvious to me that I had a pretty neat idea on my hands, so I began learning everything I could about machines, denim, thread, patterns, etc. 

We eventually moved out of my parents basement and straight into the back of a rock climbing gym where we would grow the business for 1.5 years.

After a lot of work and some big breaks, we opened our first retail store with a couple hundred dollars in the bank and would eventually outgrow this space as well in 1.5 years.

Our current location (pictured top right) has been our home for almost 3 years now and has allowed us to produce hundreds of jeans.

We are proudly sold in many boutiques around America and have even expanded internationally to the UK (pictured sewing in their store top left).

Christmas is an amazing time of the year for us because we get the opportunity to meet some really amazing people and if you give us a chance this year, we will be sure to do our best to give you an experience you will never forget. 

We donate a percent of our year-end profit to Wellspring Living in Atlanta to fight sex trafficking.