What’s the turn-around time for a pair of jeans?

Although we keep some inventory on our shelves, many of our jeans are made-to-order. If we have your size, fit, and material stocked and ready to go, they’ll ship out the next day. If we don’t, then it normally takes about two weeks to cut, sew, and ship your jeans. Could be less, could be more - all depending on the number of orders we’ve had come in. We hand-make every pair ourselves. Although it takes a bit longer this way, we know you’ll love the result.

How do I figure out my size?

The best way to figure out what size would be best for you is to visit our Sizing page. If you have a pair of pants at home that fit you great in the waist, we recommend measuring them, and then choosing the size that most closely matches that measurement. If you aren’t able to measure a pair at home, then just choose the size that you’d normally wear from other brands. If you’re in between sizes, we think it’s best to size down knowing that the jeans will fit tight at first, but stretch .5” to 1” in the waist during the first few weeks of wearing them.

Where are your jeans made?

When we say “made in Grenville, SC”, we mean it. Every step of every pair of jeans is done in-house in our shop with our hands. While so many other companies have moved their operations to remote factories, we’ve consciously made the choice to keep producing everything ourselves. This lets us personally oversee each stitch to make sure that you get something worth wearing.

I’m new to the high-quality denim scene - what do you recommend for my first pair?

First off, thanks for starting your denim journey with us - it means a ton. For guys, we highly recommend starting with a pair of our Tailored Slims in 1960 stretch selvedge denim. For ladies, the best starting point is our Mid-Rise Skinny in Dark Indigo. Both of these fits are totally dialed in, and they’re versatile enough to serve as a your staple pair of jeans. The fabrics will look amazing and be comfortable from the get-go, with little to no break-in period.

I already have a pair or two, and I’m unsure of what to get next - any tips?

After your first pair, try mixing things up. Guys, we recommend sticking with the same fit that you already have, but changing the fabrics around. This means your jeans will have a consistent fit across the board, while allowing you to change out the fabrics to compliment your shirt. Ladies, take the opposite approach and try switching up the fits. Women’s wardrobes thrive on having a handful of fits that work for a variety of looks. While switching up the fabrics is great, too, most of our female customers love that they can find the same comfortable fabrics while jumping between combinations of mid-rise, high-waist, skinny, slim, and straight fits.

My jeans have a hole - can you help?

Absolutely! We offer free repair on our jeans for the life of the garment. Just ship them back to us, and we’ll get them darned, patched, re-seamed, or anything else they need in order to keep them on your legs. One of the best parts of our jeans is that they look even more amazing as they age. We have customers who have sent their jeans back to us to get fixed four, five, even six times. With each repair, your jeans become more of a one-of-a-kind garment, specific to you. Which means that with each repair, your jeans become even more worth wearing.

Where does your denim come from?

The vast majority of our denim comes from Cone Mills White Oak plant in Greensboro, NC. Some of you may know that the White Oak plant shut down at the end of 2017. When we heard that they were closing their doors, we bought enough denim to keep us in business for the foreseeable future. We also have a handful of fabrics from selvedge denim mills in Japan.

What is selvedge denim?

Selvedge denim (sometimes also spelled selvage) is denim that has been woven on antique looms. This denim is typically sturdier and holds up for years of wear. Most selvedge denim is also raw, meaning that it is unwashed and will fade to a personalized pattern over time. You can recognize selvedge denim from the white lines that run along the sides of the fabric, which formed by the fabric being woven back into itself in order to create a clean, un-frayed edge. The term selvedge is actually a play on words, derived from this clean edge. When milling the denim, workers said that it “self-edged”, which turned into the slang selvedge. While not all the fabrics we use are selvedge, even our non-selvedge fabrics are the best of the best, so you don’t need to worry about your jeans falling apart.

Do you do fully custom jeans?

We do! Our company motto is custom jeans for all people - and we stand by that. While we are still figuring out how to give the full custom experience online, we have the process nailed down in our shop. If you’re wanting custom jeans, we always recommend swinging by the shop to chat, get measured, and pick out your fit and fabrics. If you aren’t able to make it to the shop, give us a call or shoot us an email. We’ll make sure that we get a clear understanding of what you’re looking for, then send options for different fabrics and fits your way.