Internship Application


So you want to join the team...

This summer, we're looking to bring on a crew of creative minds with a desire to learn and help out within one of the last remaining American denim companies. Specifically, we are looking for...

- Wholesale Manager/Sales (Part-Time)

- Manufacturing: Multiple positions available (Full-Time)

- Pattern-maker (Full-Time)

- Leather Goods (Part-Time)

- Designer (Part-Time)

- Videographer (Fulltime or Part-Time)

- Photographer (Part-Time)

- Interior Designer (Part-Time)

Social Media Influencers - just kidding

The specifics:

The internship starts May 29th and will run to August 10th. Start and end dates are negotiable. 

Full-time positions will receive:

  - $500 stipend

  - 2 pairs of custom jeans

  - 1 leather belt

Part-time positions will receive: 

  - $250 stipend

  - 1 pair of custom jeans 

  - 1 leather belt

How to apply: 

Watch this video real quick as an example

Record a 3-5 minute video telling us who you are, what you love, and what you bring to the table. Let us know specifically where you are interested in helping out and what differentiates you from your peers. The more you show us your personality, the better (click on the red text to see more). 

Please send the link to your video, Instagram handle (if applicable), and any additional information you might want to share to by March 31.

We will notify potential candidates about interviews by April 4th.