We have a ton of incredible fabrics in our shop, many of which are rare and limited. Because of the limited quantities, we aren’t able to do stock runs of these fabrics, but we still want to give our friends around the world a chance to experience them without having to visit the shop.

Here’s how it works: we’ll post new fabrics every once in a while, with only enough stock for as many jeans as we can make out of it. Might be 10 pairs, might be 5, might be just 1. When you add it to your cart, you’ll get to choose your fit and size from any of our standard men’s or women’s fits. You'll also get to pick your hardware and patch options. When the fabric is gone, it’s gone for good - so don’t sleep on it.



Cone 13 Oz. Broken Twill Selvedge

Cone 13 Oz. Broken Twill Selvedge


This denim is so special, for both it’s present and it’s past. Historically, this denim is renown for being developed in the 60s by one of America’s most iconic denim companies. It became a staple of their brand, being used in both their jeans and jackets. In turn, this fabric became synonymous with high quality western workwear.

Presently, this is the last yardage of this fabric made in Cone’s White Oak selvedge mill, and may very well be the last American broken twill selvedge that hasn’t been used yet.

Each pair made from this fabric is both a historical artifact of American’s milling innovation and a salute to one of the most iconic American brands to ever exist.

As with all custom orders, these are non-returnable. But we offer free repairs on our jeans for the life of the garment!


Weight: 13 Oz.

Content: 100% Cotton

Color: Indigo

ID: Indigo

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