Frequently Asked Questions


1. How Should I Wash My Jeans? 

We recommend wearing your jeans in for a few months before washing for the starch in the denim to form fit to you.

Please don't wait for your jeans to smell before you wash your jeans.

Simply wash on cold and hang dry.

Just remember: cotton shrinks in heat.

2. Returns & Exchanges

We accept any return within 14 days of order.

Because we sell raw denim, your jeans must be UNWORN and UNWASHED.

As much as we'd love to return a pair you have worn, it is of no use to us as we cannot re-sell it. 

Please let us know within this time frame if you are unsatisfied with your purchase and we can work on a solution.

If you contact us outside of the 14 day return window, we will regrettably tell you we cannot help.

3. Custom orders

We have grown our company selling custom jeans but have reached a point where we can no longer offer custom over the internet.

For the time being, we are custom IN STORE ONLY. 

In fact, all orders within store are custom at no extra cost and might be worth the trip in for the full experience.