The Boss Belt

The Boss Belt


This belt exudes boss-ness: wood-grain stained leather with a big a** polished nickel buckle, worthy of being donned by Mr. Springsteen himself. We literally only have four of these in stock, which makes sense when you think about it - there can only be a few real bosses. If you’ve got what it takes to rock it, you’ll have all our respect (and you’ll have the right to refer to yourself as The Boss whenever you come to the shop).

The belt is made of an 10 oz. Hermann Oak burgundy-dyed leather (the same leather that saddle makers use) and will last for years.

All you have to do is order the same size as your jeans. We’ll punch 5 holes in the belt, so there are size options in both directions from your standard fit (tryna help you keep up with holiday month gains and New Year’s resolution loses).

Proudly made in house in Greenville, SC.

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