Men's Tailored Straight

Men's Tailored Straight


Our Tailored Straight is for the man who wants a nice, hardworking pair of jeans he can rely on without feeling the constriction of tighter fits. It’s also ideal for guys with bigger thighs (bikers, lifters, and other muscularly inclined fellas - you know who you are).

The selvedge denim we use in these was milled right here in the USA. It’s solid, resilient, and holds up wear after wear.

Order your normal size knowing it will be a bit tight at first, but stretch out over the first couple wears. Expect one inch of stretch in the waist, a half inch in the thighs, and a half inch in the calves after the first two weeks of wear.

Once you add the correct waist size to your cart, you’ll get to choose your fabric, inseam, and fly style.

Wash these bad boys cold and hang them out to dry.


Proudly made in house in Greenville, SC

Button Fly or Zipper Fly

Lined Back Pockets

Chainstitch hem on a 1940s Union Special 43200g


FYI - If you’re interested, you can find out more about our denim options here.

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